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Package Installation Demos


Stonewall Apiary's package demos are an excellent way for first-time beekeepers to learn how to install package bees into a Langstroth hive. Our method is simple, and more importantly, gentle on the bees themselves. No shaking the bees, no dumping them in front of the hive.

Anyone is welcome to attend, but please bring your own protective clothing. A veil is highly recommended. Gloves may be helpful, too. If you wear long clothing, a bee suit probably isn't necessary, but if you are more comfortable wearing a jacket or bee suit, bring it along.

If you need directions to Stonewall Apiary, you can get them using our Location page. If you have any questions, just let us know using our Contact page. You can also email us at stonewallapiary@gmail.com or call us at 860-334-2245.

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