Newly Installed Packages

So far, all the reports I’ve heard from the new beekeepers have been overwhelmingly positive. That’s fantastic, and I’m glad to hear it!

A few things:


While the installation didn’t take much in terms of protective clothing or smoke, you’ll need it from now on. Your bees have adopted the hive as their home by now and will defend it. Be sure you have your smoker lit and it’s producing a thick smoke. It doesn’t take more than a few puffs, but without it they’re likely to become extremely agitated.


Keep your bees fed. If you have Honey-B-Healthy, add it to your syrup according to the label instructions. The pollen patties are in so if you’d like some, just let me know. My bees are all enjoying them!


Your queens should be released by now. When you feed you can check to see if the candy has been eaten away, but don’t do too much in the hive right now. Disturbances within the hive (removing frames, etc.) can trigger a response in which the bees kill the new queen. After a week or so, take out a side frame, then move the interior frames apart a bit and take the queen cage out. If there’s any burr comb, carefully scrape it off. You should also check for the presence of eggs and brood. There should be eggs by then and probably some young larvae. Put the frames back carefully: the bee you crush could be the queen!


I know they’re fascinating, but don’t check too much right now. Let them get to work establishing their colony.

Finally, ENJOY!